It's time to invest in yourself

Are you ready to feel more confident, energetic and alive?

Are you limited on time? Craving a little something that is easily achievable in your busy week?

Are you ready to feel valued and not just another “number”? 

Welcome to Bootcamp Balance!


Movement to raise your heart rate and improve your overall health & wellbeing.

Strength Building

To tone and strengthen your muscles in a fun and risk-free environment.

Release & Relax

Ensuring you finish by releasing tension and leaving feeling relaxed.


Informed nutrition guidance to ensure training goals are achieved. 

What is Bootcamp Balance?

Here at Bootcamp Balance you will enjoy a unique class.
Each 60 min session is delivered by 2 experienced instructors:

30mins = Strength & Fitness
30mins = Yoga & Relaxation

To top it off, you will also receive a weekly Nutrition Package to support your individual health and well-being goals.

Bootcamp Balance is our tested approach to fitness and strength together with yoga and meditation.

With years of experience, we will provide you with the tools
you need to create lasting results. Create the change you want to see this year with help and guidance from
Perth’s most experienced trainers.

Our weekly classes run in 8 week programs alongside the school terms. You can join at anytime! During the school holidays, we also run a casual drop in class every Saturday morning. 

Bootcamp Balance is so much more than a Fitness and Yoga class.

It is both enjoyable and sustainable alongside a busy lifestyle.

Try a class with a casual entry and see what you think!

I love a post workout feeling but I often neglect the stretching my body requires. When life is so busy it seems to be the first thing to give. This class is the perfect combination of exercise and wellbeing.


How are we different?

  • Then 8 week programs we design are fun and achievable. You can join us at anytime during the school terms and all levels of ability are welcome!
  • We actually care about your goals which is why we also include a Nutritional Component, something not many companies offer and yet it is the MOST important part to maintaining strength and fitness. and the community we are building so class numbers are limited to just 10-12 people
  • We are also experienced and passionate trainers with long term industry knowledge. In the instance where we cannot attend a class, we only hire the best and we pay our staff very well. We firmly believe in the high standards of customer service.
    We will all assist you to create new healthy habits which you can continue lifelong. 
  • Bookings are essential & numbers are limited so contact us today to learn more and try out your first class.

What Our customers are saying

"Their infectious laughter and energy makes it the best way to start the weekend EVER!! The location, the people and the sunshine make it my favourite part of the week. I love the half Bootcamp and half yoga, it’s just what I need to start my weekend. Whatever your fitness goal, they will support you to get there. Even, if that goal is to have just got up that morning and made it out the door to the class!"


"Heather and Denae have extensive knowledge in anatomy and physiology and they are focussed on each attendee in a very personable way. I feel very safe and comfortable in their classes. I am excited to be attending their combined classes through Bootcamp Balance as this will offer incredible value for money."


'I love a post workout feeling but I often neglect the stretching my body requires. When life is so busy it seems to be the first thing to give. This class is the perfect combination of exercise and wellbeing. I still get that post exercise high plus the added benefits that come with yoga and relaxation! It is the perfect way to start a weekend and my body is feeling the rewards!'


2021 Class Timetable

You can join anytime. Our classes run in 8 Week Programs. 
Saturday morning classes continue throughout school holidays, people welcome to drop in with a casual pass to try it out!
(Numbers permitting) 
All our dates and times are below.

All fitness levels are welcome!
Visit our Shop page for more information and pricing program information. 

Summer Program

Week 1 – 8th February
Week 8 – 29th March 
8 Week Program

Autumn Program

Week 1 – 26th April
Week 8 – 21st June 
9 Week Program


Week 1 – 26th July
Week 8 – 13th September 
8 Week Program


Week 1 –  18th October
Week 8 – 6th December 
8 Week Program

Class Times & Locations

5:45 - 6:45am

Tuesday, Wednesday
& Friday
8:30-9:30am Saturday
Saturday AM
Winter Location

Meet Your Instructors

We are both mothers of young children.
We completely understand the daily demands you experience and the meaning of the word “Busy”.
But that doesn’t mean your fitness and wellbeing is left out of daily life.

Denae Brown

I’m about building, supporting and engaging a community of health, fitness and positive mindset.

Denae Brown

As a former CrossFit Games competitor, I’ve turned my focus towards the coaching and improvement of individuals in both training for fitness and for performance.

Movement and mindset has been my motivator to push through my darkest days so my biggest motivator is helping others find their movement and mindset.

Health and mindset are the foundation to reaching your fullest potential. My passion drives me to share my knowledge to help others in their health, mindset and fitness journey.

I understand the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and I want others to experience that too.

Heather Robbins

A movement practice looks different for each of us. I am passionate about accessible yoga and meditation for all levels.

Heather Robbins

Heather spent 9 years in training to become a Yoga Teacher and studied under the best and most respected Yoga Teachers in Western Australia from various styles of Yoga.  

After many years of study, Heather decided to embark on the International Yoga Therapy Teacher Training. 
Heather is focussed on yoga being a movement modality and therapy to support the treatment of other medical practitioners.
Heather is interested in chronic conditions in the body, such as chronic pain, arthritis, IBS, anxiety, depression and more. 

Heather runs a yoga school based in Riverton and offers weekly classes for all levels. 

Heather values student relationships so much.
“A sense of community is everything”.